Our Services: Modernization

Admiral Elevator Co., Inc. specializes in the modernization of existing older elevator systems. After decades of continuous operation, the controls and drive systems of any elevator can become less reliable despite consistent, quality preventative maintenance. Breakdowns become more frequent and more difficult to repair as components become obsolete making replacement increasingly difficult. Though possibly state-of-the-art when new, the control logic that is the brains of your elevator dispatching becomes grossly inefficient.

Whether or not we are currently your service provider, Admiral Elevator is ready to offer an in-depth analysis of your elevators. Often we find that problems you may be experiencing with your elevator systems can be remedied with some upfront repairs followed by a more diligent service program. In many cases, however, the vintage of the equipment, overall wear and lack of serviceability dictate that a more extensive modernization is necessary.

Admiral Elevator's highly qualified staff, which includes several QEI Certified Inspectors and experienced field managers who are also Certified Mechanics, will survey your equipment and carefully craft a modernization proposal to best upgrade your elevator system. You can be assured that what we propose by way of new materials and equipment will be comprehensive in scope but not wasteful or unnecessary.

From simple cab upgrades to complete control system and elevator cab modernizations, Admiral Elevator has the solution that you are looking for. Modernization Options include:

Cab Upgrades

Cab Upgrades are a cosmetic upgrade to your elevator interior which can include:

Door Operator Upgrades

The mechanism that moves the doors on an elevator will eventually wear out over time. If the parts required to refurbish the operator are no longer available, replacement of the operator becomes necessary. The newer door operators give a more superior door performance than the older style operators. This type of modernization can include:

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

In-ground hydraulic elevator cylinders are now protected from corrosion by encasing the cylinder with a PVC liner or other means of protection from electrolysis. This prevents corrosion of the cylinder. In the past this protection was either not used or it was provided in a manner that deteriorated with time. If your hydraulic elevator is over 20 years old and has an in-ground cylinder, your equipment is at risk for significant corrosion problems. The solution is to replace the cylinder with a new cylinder that incorporates a higher quality corrosion protection technology. If you are unsure about whether it would be prudent to replace your cylinder, please feel free to contact us.

Hydraulic Pumping Unit Replacement

If your hydraulic elevator pumping unit is showing signs of old age, you may need to replace either part of the unit or the entire unit itself. Signs of old age range from frequent re-leveling of the elevator to erratic stopping at the floor to out of level stops. This type of modernization can include

Controller Replacement

Elevators are expected to last a long time but, after awhile, some parts wear out and replacements may not be available. At Admiral Elevator, we stock a large number of components for older elevators. As parts become obsolete, the only solution to ongoing elevator service problems is to replace the obsolete relay-logic based elevator controller with a new state-of-the-art control system. Admiral Elevator has the expertise and knowledge required to replace virtually any control system. Please call us to find out what we can do to meet your specific needs.

Machine Replacement

After a number of years a traction elevator machine may sustain sufficient degradation that it needs to be completely replaced. At times a partial replacement is warranted, such as a conversion from a DC Machine to an AC Machine where the motor is replaced. The MG Set may be discarded and an AC Drive used. Some of the older machines are sufficiently robust to give great service for many more years even after 30 to 40 years of hard use. Other older machines have been replaced` long before an equal period of time. Our vast experience with many types of equipment allows us to recommend the solution that will ensure that your modernization money is well spent and that the upgraded elevator will give many years of reliable service.