As with all mechanical equipment, elevators have a finite life. At some point in time due to safety issues, repetitive repairs, and/or performance, upgrading or modernize your existing equipment becomes a necessity. Upgrading to the latest technology can improve passenger safety, tenant satisfaction, energy efficiency, reliability, and is also a solid long-term real estate investment.

Factors to Consider

o Safety
o Code compliance
o Age and equipment condition
o Parts availability and support
o Energy consumption

Customized For Your Needs

Every upgrade is customized to the specific situation and equipment condition. This can range from motors and doors to adding a new non-proprietary microprocessor-based control system. A modernized system reduces energy consumption, improves ride performance and speeds, is aesthetically pleasing, and drastically cuts repair costs.

o Elevator controllers
o Door operators and related mechanicals
o Machines, motors, and/or power units
o Fixtures and operating panels
o Hydraulic jack and pistons
o Fixtures
o Cab panels/walls, ceiling and lighting


An elevator Modernization eliminates old unreliable technologies and outdated equipment. Older equipment is prone to shutdowns, uneven floor landings, door problems and inadequate emergency equipment. Improving safety and peace of mind are two of the very important key benefits of an upgrade or modernization. Brings the elevator system up to today’s updated code requirements.

Nonproprietary Equipment

Admiral Elevator installs only non-proprietary elevator equipment during upgrades and modernizations wherever possible. By eliminating company specific proprietary equipment and software it opens the door for any qualified elevator company large or small to provide preventative maintenance and repair to your equipment after the modernization is complete.